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Jute & Flax T on hangers

What's Jute & Flax

Jute and Flax are plants that were historically used to create textiles in West Africa.

Naming our business after jute and flax is a nod to our past, our roots, and our ancestors. 


Jute & Flax Creative Studio is a family owned "Mom & Pop" custom print studio.

Founded and operated by Saúl (he/el) and Fuschia (she/ella), we are bringing our lifelong dedication to art and creating to you.

For years, we’ve been feeding our creative souls and bringing our passion for all types

of art mediums to our customers, supplying what they need to create masterpieces.  

Our clients have relied on us for our exceptional service and knowledge. Jute & Flax Creative Studio is dedicated to industry growth and seeks out opportunities to improve our already impressive printing options, products, and inventory.

If there’s something you need and can’t find, please let us know and feel free to reach out

with any questions, we’re happy to have you!

Who Are We
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